Monday 29 July 2013

Hi there! Wow convention is over. I did 300 swaps, 81 of another and 3 shoe box swaps so lots of new things. Penny and Tammy did a class THAT I HAD TO FIGURE OUT ON MY OWN lol. had to put that in there. It was amazing and easy to do. Those are two gals that make the convention between them and Sherrill. I'm not sure how convention would go. If you go there and don't do their classes your missing out on a lot of friendships, fun, and great projects. I thoroughly loved all the teachers this year. My favourite was Jacobs ladder for me that was a big challenge. But I got it finally thanks to Michelle she was super.
I met Jarmellia, Carol, Jennifer, and Jonella for new friends this year. Jennifer, Sue, Jonella and me went on a buggy ride and we had so many laughs. Little did we know the sign was up for just married and we got a lot of attention even if it was 1130 at nite. A beautiful way to end convention. Had to leave by 3 am which isn't fun.... well if I had packed earlier it would have been ok. But just have to fit it all in and poof it worked. Got home and back to getting things done here.
Painting and cleaning is for this week then scrapbooking and cards all the way.
Aug 10 is going to be a Christmas card class so hopefully that will go good.
Then I'm off to Nashville and when I get back I'm going to put pictures on here and do an all occasional card class.
Will see you all really soon   
Classes on every Tuesday night at 6:30. Bring a friend and you get a free class.

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